What Are the Different Sizes of Drum Lamp Shades?

What Are the Different Sizes of Drum Lamp Shades?

Lighting is a key part of every home, and the lamps are great decorative pieces that complement your space lighting. Lighting stands which host the lamps have varying bases suitable for the floor or table; however, the lampshade is the main attraction point. The kind of lampshade you choose can perfect the look of your room together or make it ridiculous. Choosing the right style between the oval, round, cone, and drum lamp shades can be overwhelming. Not forgetting the size selection, which is an added task. We highlight the different sizes of drum lamp shades for lighting below.

Different Sizes of Drum Lamp Shade

Size is an essential element to consider alongside style. There is no need for getting a particular lamp shade style if the size doesn’t meet your needs. Knowing where to place the light fixture can help you select the ideal measurement for it. As you take action to ensure you buy the correct size, let us explain the main sizes you should know. There are three standard sizes for drum lamp shades.

The small

The shades are 8 by 7 inches in diameter and 10 by 8 inches in height. They work well on table lamps or those that can sit on surfaces other than the floor. The bases of these lights are usually wooden, bottle-shaped, etc., and matching the small size drum shade to them makes them adorable. If you choose to hang the lamp, do it in a smaller room since a large room overpowers it. Hanging lights of this size can work in a big room if installed in clusters.

Medium to medium large

Drum lamp shades in this category have measurements of 12 by 8ches and 14 by 8 inches. That is enough size for various applications. The 12-inch shades can work for shorter lamp bases, while the 14 inches are widespread for tripod and tall floor lamps. These drum lamp shades look adorable when used as hanging lamps in medium-sized rooms. In a larger space, at least two would light it perfectly in hanging or standing styles.


The drum shades are 16 by 9 inches and 18 by 10 inches. The large size is suitable for all tall floor lamps, either with a tripod or single standing. Additionally, these shades are good if you want that statement piece in your room. If you want to use them as hanging lamps, do so from the central lighting on the ceiling due to their size.

Custom size

Some stores sell lamp shades of sizes not mentioned above. They are rare in stores but you can get them. These are custom sizes. They intend to meet individual specific needs, especially when there is a need for a lamp shade that fits your space exactly the way you want.

Final words

The drum lamp shades sizes above are standard and available in stores like Alibaba. Customization services are available in some companies to add a personal touch to your space. These lampshades provide customers with a lot of flexibility. The options are many in terms of style and setting them up, either as hanging lamps or on standing bases.