DOs and DON'Ts of pressure washing

DOs and DON'Ts of pressure washing

Pressure washing is an effective way of cleaning and washing. Many people are unaware of ig advantages and disadvantages. It has advantages but also has disadvantages if it is not properly used. Instead, it has more disadvantages and it can cause serious problems if misused. Therefore, one should always be careful while using the pressure washer to prevent any mishap. Here are DOs and DON'Ts of pressure washing.


They should never be used without an adequate supply of water. In a short supply of water, the efficiency of the washer decreases. In order to test the supply of water, calculate the time it took to fill a bucket with a capacity of five gallons. If it takes two minutes or less, water supply is sufficient and you are ready to start.

The blast of water can damage some surfaces. You should always be careful with it and it's wise to start with a light touch. It is advised that you should be at least 10 meters away from the surface you are cleaning. It's misuse can cause serious problems.

The spray angle should be adjusted to get the best force. For instance, there are some stains which require more pressure. In this case you have to keep the water pressure perpendicular to the stain to remove it. There are some attachments in the market which are used to adjust the water spray. Its use becomes more easy when attachments are added.

It is good to soak the surface with water before pressure wash. Soaking can be done with or without detergent.


Never underestimate the power of a pressure washer. Some have ultimate strength and they have enough pressure to cut through human skin easily. You should always aim the nozzle away from a person, pet or an animal.

Don't use only one nozzle for different works. Nozzles are specifically designed for different jobs. Narrow stream of water delivers more force than that of wide spray. For example, common washing includes the use of 40-degree nozzle. If you want to clean your roof, you have to use other nozzle which delivers more power(25-degree). Similarly, there is a range of nozzles which you can use for different cleaning jobs.

You must not use the pressure washer for washing all things. Because, even if the pressure is set low, it may not be suitable for different surfaces.Remember that you should not use it on the objects which show wear and tear. Always be careful using it. Because it can cause serious problems. If you are washing an old car, be careful because high pressure can cause removal of paint from the body. Most of car paints can bear high pressure wash but some can't. So check the condition of paint before pressure washing the car.


One should always be careful while using these equipments. Never aim the nozzle towards a person, pet or an animal. Their misuse can cause many disturbances.