A Simplified Guide to Pressure Cleaning a siding up

A Simplified Guide to Pressure Cleaning a siding up

Do you know how to pressure wash siding up high? Your house siding can be aluminum, vinyl, stucco, brick, steel, or wood. Despite the material used in making your siding, they all need regular washing. The washing and cleaning will increase your home's life. The cleaning is also suitable for preparing your house for new paint. You need to repair damages before you clean. Never use a power wash machine if your house has lead paint.

In your cleaning, you must use the correct materials and attachments. Select a day with no rain and low wind to reduce the pressure you face when cleaning your siding. Limit power washing your siding if it's in direct sunlight. Turn off all the open electricity outlets that are on your house exterior. Close the doors and windows. Cover all the light textures using tapes and plastics to limit the damage. Trim shrubs and bushes touching your home to permit access for washing.

Water the all-garden areas around the house to prevent them from getting affected by the solution you are using to clean. Limit using ladders and wear eye protectors. Get a telescoping or an extension to access the higher house areas.

Attach the garden hose to the machine and switch it on. Insert the siphon tube into the soap solution. Fix the soaping nozzle. Apply the detergent to your house siding starting from the top and down to limit the soap and dirt running down to the dry spots. Because of time limits, apply the detergents on one side of your house before returning to it to wash and clean all the mildew and dirt. Limit direct sunlight and allow the detergent to stay on the siding between 5 to 10 minutes before washing it

Alter the washer nozzle to 25 or 40 degrees for spraying and washing away the detergent. Keep your wand at least 1 foot from the siding surface. Apply the soap from the bottom up and rinse it away from top to bottom. Limit spraying to the bottom of the horizontal siding. You can hold the want straight perpendicularly to the siding.

You need to pressure wash your property exterior for at least after two years.

How to tackle different types of the house siding

The difference between the diverse siding types is the detergent you will use. The sidings have unique formulas of the solution that can clean them. Use these tips at your fingertips if you want to clean your house siding.

Vinyl siding

Start by repairing the siding before you pressure wash it. Avoid the areas where panels overlap, like windows or door frames.

Fiber cement

Start by repairing the damaged sections before you start cleaning.

Aluminum siding

Limit angling your power spray up below panel overlaps

Wood siding

Repair or fix all damaged or cracked areas before cleaning. Wet the surface before you add any detergent.

Stone and brick siding

Repair damages before cleaning. Spray down your stone/brick and start with light sprays to limit the detergent from getting deep into bricks.

Stucco siding

Repair the cracks or chips before cleaning. Hold the machine two feet from your siding surface and use a 25- or 20-degrees nozzle.