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5 Painting Tricks: Tips and Techniques for a Perfect Paint Job

Do you want to give different air to your house? Are you getting tired of the paint color in your apartment? Very attentive because we are going to give you house painters tips.

For one reason or another, we have to paint one or more rooms in our home at least once in our life. And almost none of us have any idea how to do it correctly, and how to avoid mistakes when painting.

Therefore, we have thought of giving 5 tips to paint in a simple and fast way and leave a professional finish of which we will be proud. We also give you ingenious tips to reduce cleaning time and extend the life of rollers and brushes.

Tip 1: Clean The Walls Well So That The Paint Grips Properly

If painting on dirty, oily surfaces, etc. paint can easily come off when drying. To remove dust, dirt, and grease stains with water, a little mild dish soap, and a cellulose sponge. Rinse with clean water to remove soap residue.

Tip 2: List of material to buy.

Prepare a list before going to buy all the material; it will save you a lot of time in the store. Of course, when buying, do not skimp on expenses, since cheap paint can spoil the final finish.

Take all of this into account when making a list: Cleaning service, paint, masking tape, primer, roller, brush, ladder, floor protection and furniture protection, 5-liter bucket, etc.

Tip 3: Mix Several Cans Of Paint In A Large Bucket For A Uniform Color.

Paint color may vary slightly from can to can. Therefore, if we run out of paint in the middle of a wall, the difference can be noticed if we start a different can. To avoid this, mix in a large bucket, 5 liters, for example, a couple of 2-liter cans.

Tip 4: Masking Tape On Trim, Windows, And Door Frames.

To avoid staining paint on doors, window frames, etc., it is best to cover the edges with masking tape. In this way, even if you have a pulse with which you could not steal tambourines, you will not stain anything. You can put the tape a week before, for example, but when removing it, do not let the paint dry, do it just when you finish painting.

Tip 5: Paint The Baseboards First, Then The Ceiling And Walls.

It is best to paint the baseboards first, then the ceiling, and last the walls. When you paint the wood for the baseboards, let it dry for 24 hours, then cover them with masking tape, and you can start painting the walls without fear that the baseboards will stain. When you're done with the walls, you can move onto the ceiling.